How to Build FloodSax Wall to Prevent Flooding

FloodSax sandless sandbags from Finer Filters in Cork are vacuum-packed and ultra thin with a large surface area. In the dry state FloodSax can be placed under leaking pipes, boilers, taps, sinks or other water leak sites to absorb the water and prevent damage inside homes and businesses. Outside FloodSax need to be immersed in water and will absorb 20 litres to expand and weigh around 20kg. They can then be built into a highly effective flood barrier with each row of FloodSax keeping out about 8 inches of water. Continue reading

Activate Floodsax to Protect Patio Door

Flooding in Ireland can cause untold misery and understandably sandbags are often the first thing people think of to help prevent property damage. But many are unaware that local governments and councils have no legal responsibility to provide sandbags to homes or businesses in Ireland. In fact in most cases, it’s up to property owners themselves to work out how to stop flooding which could cause serious damage to property and livelihoods. In this video we show the benefits of using Floodsax from Finer Filters Ltd instead of standard sandbags. Continue reading