New Products

  • Baldwin Filters 2021-10

    Diesel fuel injection systems require fuel be free of both particulate and water contamination. Baldwin fuel filters keep fuel clean and engines running at maximum efficiency. Continue reading →

  • Baldwin Filters 2021-09

    Baldwin Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Filters remove contaminants to ensure proper function of your vehicle’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. Continue reading →

  • Baldwin Filters 2021-08

    Baldwin crankcase ventilation filters or CCV Filters reduce blow-by, which is generated by combustion gases leaking past piston rings, producing oil droplets that would otherwise increase emissions. Continue reading →

  • Baldwin Filters 2021-06

    Diesel engine coolant filters, also known as water filters, remove contaminants from the engine cooling system and add chemical protection to the coolant which help replenish important protectants that may be lost over time. Continue reading →

  • Baldwin Filters 2021-05

    Baldwin air filters are as efficient as the OE original version to keep air clean. Continue reading →

  • Baldwin Filters 2021-04

    Cabin Air Filters help prevent contaminants and pollutants from entering the passenger cabin area. Continue reading →

  • Baldwin Filters 2021-02

    Baldwin air breather filters prevent contamination and/or water created from fluctuations in the reservoir from entering the system, ensuring proper equipment operation and helping to prevent premature parts wear. Continue reading →

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