First Responder & Safety Preparedness

Finer Filters distributes products that enhance travel safety and hazard preparedness for our customers. Our range includes equipment and supplies that address the real needs of responders, emergency managers, and healthcare professionals throughout Ireland. From single victim to mass casualty events, our products are designed to scale up or down, depending on your needs, to deliver the appropriate level of response. 

Autosock – Snow Readinesss 

How to fit an AutosockFrom the innovative Autosock, the only snowsocks endorsed with TÜV 53219 (cars) and TÜV 53283 (trucks and buses) standards, to our comprehensive range of decon and hazmat products, we offer a range that will enhance your company’s safety and readiness.

AutoSock is your winter traction aid and the quick & easy solution for icy and snowy roads. AutoSock is made of high tech textile fibres and much easier and quicker to use than the conventional metal snow chains.

FloodSax – Flood Protection

Floodsax VideoWhen flooding strikes either inside or outside, you have little time to act. But now families and businesses can have instant protection with FloodSax that are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to as tough and heavy as sandbags within minutes.

The beauty of FloodSax is that they come vacuumed-packed and therefore can be popped into the smallest of spaces – in a car or on a fire appliance. A box of 20 FloodSax which can be carried by one person and moved in a car is the equivalent to a pallet of 20 sandbags that would need a forklift to shift and at least a van to transport

HazMat Ready

It could be an industrial chemical spill or it could be something on a far larger scale, either way in an emergency response, drastically different scenarios can be encountered on a day to day basis. Our range of hazmat and first response products adapt to the appropriate level of response to ensure the greatest flexibility for a first responder.

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