Snow Tyre Covers

AutoSock is a newly developed tire cover, aimed at increasing tire-to-road friction when driving cars and trucks on icy, snowy or slippery road way

The AutoSock

AutoSock snow tyre covers are reusable and slip on over the driving wheels of cars, vans or trucks when extra grip on ice or snow is needed. They are simple and quick to fit and remove plus are silent and smooth in use, unlike snow chains. Save money by eliminating the need to use snow tyres.

AutoSock snowsocks have a unique technical fabric which increases the available friction to give truly extraordinary grip, significantly better than winter tyres when used in snow.

AutoSock, based in Norway, created and developed this concept and own the relevant European patents; inferior copies appear from time to time. AutoSock products have been tested and approved both by the German TUV and by most car manufacturers.

To order your AutoSock Phone: 021 463-8727 or Email:

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