FloodSax – The Alternative Sandbag

FloodSax have been deployed around the world saving homes and business from the misery and astronomical cost of flooding. FloodSax are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to as tough and heavy as sandbags within minutes. You can fit 20 FloodSax into a cardboard box so they can be ready for action anytime, any place, anywhere.

Save Money!

The damage caused by any kind of flood can be astronomical – described by insurance companies as “the thief who takes everything in its wake” –  insurance claims from floods are typically 30 times greater than from burglaries. That’s an awful lot of money, likely to send your insurance premium spiraling and it could mean you even struggle to get flood insurance again.

Save Mess!

When flooding strikes it’s powerful enough to send water back up into homes from sewers, flooding bathrooms with filthy water. Just one FloodSax water absorbent sock popped down the toilet prevents this. Simply place them under a leaking pipe or appliance such as a boiler or washing machine and let the FloodSax absorb all the water.

Order Today!

Before the next flood disaster strikes, make sure you have FloodSax to hand.

Order yours today from Liam at Finer Filters on 021-463-8727 or email: liam@finerfilters.com  for more information.

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