Dammit Clay Products

The Dammit range of spill containment products includes emergency clay drain mats and drum plugs. Darcy manufacture clay drain plugging mats in a variety of sizes to instantly seal a drain to prevent spilt oils and chemicals flowing into storm drain and out to controlled waters.

Dammit Emergency Clay Drain Mats 

Our drain plug mats fit the contours of drains to create a complete seal on uneven or broken drains. Due to their flexibility you can easily plug misshapen drains.

Our range of drainseal products are a high performing and cost effective method of blocking drains and preventing spill fluids entering the drainage system.

Dammit drainseal mats are treated with a formula which prevents mould growth and anti-freeze properties so the mat remains flexible down to -20c.

  • The most effective low cost drainseal on the market.
  • The three sizes will fit most drains – if not simply use two.
  • Used by most fire services as first line pollution defence.
  • This product gives 100% seal even on rough surfaces.
  • Remains flexible down to -20c non toxic and bio inert.
  • Resistant to oil, water and most chemicals.

Dammit mats should be placed in areas of high risk.

A wall mounted box is available if required. Also available as a gulley blocker for blocking long gulley drains.

Dammit Clay Plugging Steel Drum Plugs

Specifically developed for the emergency sealing of leaks from holes, tears and ruptures.

Stops liquids including chemicals and oils leaking out of the drums. Suitable for use on any non flexible surface. No need to premix the product or surface preparation necessary.

Simply mould the Dammit® putty into a ball and place firmly over the tear or hole to instantly seal the hole stopping the spread of pollutants across the factory, workshop or storage facility. Transfer the remaining contents into another drum thus saving the wastage of costly and precious products.

  • Stops most spills at source
  • Can be used on any non-flexible surface
  • Ready for immediate application
  • Withstands pressure of up to .25 bar
  • Stays in place for up to 24 hours
  • Effective down to -20°C
  • Use on pipes, road tankers, storage tanks, drums, fuel tanks and IBC’s.

Contact Liam for more information on the Dammit range of products at 021-463-8727 or Email: liam@finerfilters.com for more information.

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