Fleetguard (Cummins Filtration)

Cummins Filtration with their industry-leading Fleetguard product range, are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of filtration, coolant and fuel additive technology for diesel engine powered systems.

Global Filter Design Leadership

Cummins Filtration are committed to creating filter products that help protect the world in which we live – products like award winning crankcase ventilation systems, which reduce oil drips and blow-by gases; glycerin-based coolant using non-toxic glycerin; and user friendly filters, with no metallic pieces, no adhesives and no paint.

Cummins Filtration as well as striving to make better products are also making their manufacturing processes better. Cummins has committed to a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2015. Cummins Filtration takes this commitment seriously, and are taking the necessary steps to meet or exceed this goal with such innovations as designing new facilities to reduce the need for electric lighting and more.

Today Cummins Filtration have operations on six continents and several thousand employees and is the filtration company upon which you can depend.

Fleetguard Filter Catalog

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